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Japan for beginners

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Traveling in Japan can be a lot easier than you think. It is a well organized country and most cities are connected by train and buses and you‘ll ser directions in English to the places you'd want to visit. For everything else, the language barrier can make it a bit more complicated but fortunately also interesting. It makes a big difference that the Japanese are extremely friendly and will always be willing to help, even though they don’t speak English. A little creativity and gesturing will get you there in the end, but gaining some prior knowledge certainly doesn’t hurt. Therefore, our beginners tips for Japan in no particular order!


Taking a crash course in Japanese before you depart would be really convenient, of course. But if you don’t get around to it, then at least try to remember these four important Japanese phrases:

Hello – Kon’nichiwa

Goodbye – Sayōnara

Thank you – Arigato

Excuse me / sorry (and the Japanese say this a lot) – Sumimasen

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