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Trip Planning


           When you retain Soleste Travel to help plan your travel, you're hiring a professional travel advisor to ensure that your trip is tailored to your taste, preferences, and budget. You get the benefit of our skill, experience, and training, our professional relationships, and our industry connections.  Our Professional Services Retainer covers the complete consultation, research, and recommendations, preparation of quotes and itineraries, reservations and bookings for each travel element, securing quotes for comprehensive travel insurance, administration of booking from deposit to departure, follow-up post-trip with suppliers (as needed), and calculating the environmental impact of your travel and arranging for a carbon offset for your trip.
          We do not charge a fee for trip cancellation.
          We offer an unconditional guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, we will gladly refund your Professional Services Retainer while still handling all of your trip details. Soleste Travel may waive any Professional Services Retainer and/or Booking Fee at our sole discretion. Soleste Travel can only refund fees purchased with a non-refundable gift certificate by providing you with a new gift certificate.
Professional Services Retainer

          Soleste Travel requires a $50 per trip retainer fee for professional services related to bookings shorter than 8 days. For trips longer than 8 days, our Professional Services Retainer is $150. We only require one retainer for all travelers on the same itinerary, regardless of the number of passengers.

Flights Only

          Soleste Travel charges a flight booking fee when booking only flights for travelers or when the total cost of non-flight bookings is less than $2,500. For domestic air tickets, our fee is $30 per ticket. For international airfare, we charge a $75 per ticket fee. For performing a search for airfares with no additional booking of services, we charge a $25 fee per search.

Want to give a gift or pre-pay the Professional Services Fee?
          If you’d like to pay your retainer fee in advance, or if you’d like a gift, just click below and make it happen!

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