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Digital Health Passports

Different countries have required immunizations for years.

This has been particularly true for countries in Asia, Africa, and LatAm.


may have or heard of the yellow immunization cards used to keep track of vaccinations.

Up to now, these little cards have

served their purpose well. However, now that

we are in the midst of a pandemic and many countries want to secure their

borders, we have started hearing about Digital Health Passports or Vaccine

Passports. Presumably, these digital

passports will replace the yellow immunization cards and provide you with an immunization

IDs. They leverage technology

and offer a reliable and secure way to know if the person has been vaccinated, has the antibodies, or has tested negative for COVID-19.

The European Union declared they would launch their Digital Green Certificate next month and that it will be part of the EU visa process. Americans traveling to EU countries may be required to obtain a Digital Green Certificate before entering any member nation.

Contrary to the EU, Japan, and China, where the government spearheads the vaccine passport initiatives, the US has announced that it would not be getting into the business of issuing vaccine passports. The Biden administration has encouraged the private sector to come up with solutions to the immunization ID problem. As of now, there are several of these endeavors underway.

In the meantime, we need to stay on top of this to make sure we know what countries you can travel to and the entry requirements regarding immunization.

If you can't wait to get out and about, we're more than help you book your next vacation, and since we'll stay informed about all things vaccine-related, we can let you know precisely what you need to make it to your dream destination.

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